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Former MEGADETH guitarist Glen Drover NEWZ & REVIEWZ


Maximum Threshold Radio

 Maximum Threshold Radio – Mushroomhead, Glen Drover (ex Megadeth/Solo) & Joe Leste (Bang Tango) this Saturday Nite

GLEN DROVER Launches New Official Website

Former MEGADETH guitarist Glen Drover has launched an official website to coincide with the release of his new solo album, Metalusion, which hit stores on April 5th. Go to this location to check it out.

Former MEGADETH Guitarist GLEN DROVER Interviewed On ‘Rockin’ Metal Revival’ (Audio) hour 3

Former MEGADETH/KING DIAMOND guitarist Glen Drover was interviewed for a recent edition of “Rockin’ Metal Revival”. You can now stream the entire three-hour program in three parts below.

Cashbox Magazine CD Review for Glen Drover’s New Album Metalusion Hi folks out there in musica-land once again… I just received this awesome instrumental CD from Magna Carta Records called “Metalusion” from progressive shred-guitarist Glen Drover, best known for his precision and power playing with the award-winning metal band Megadeth and Eidolon. Mister Drover’s incredible guitar playing is very diverse and overlaps both genres of extreme instrumental music with progressive fusionistic music. He uses ambient sounds to aurally transport you to and from each harmonic galaxy at the flick of a fast arppegiated lick. 

Classic Rock Revisited CD Review for Glen Drover’s New Album Metalusion

Most famous for his days alongside Dave Mustaine in Megadeth, Glen Drover is an exceptional guitarist whose skills have been largely overlooked by the mass guitar playing audience for sometime. Drover should dispel any rumors that he ‘ain’t all that’ and raise his stock amongst guitar nerds when his latest instrumental album, Metalusion hits the streets on April 5, 2011.

Guitar International Interview: Fusing Styles

Glen Drover, best known for his precision and power playing with headbanger icons Megadeth and Eidolon, blends the venom and attack of modern metal and the technically demanding musicianship that defines the classic jazz-rock genre on his new CD entitled Metalusion.

We Love Metal.com: Glen Drover is Metalusion 

Were a proud bunch up here in Canada and when one of our own hits the big time in the Metal world they keep a special place in our hearts. The Drover brothers have both reached the top of Metal playing behind the sneering god Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. Many will say that Glen was able to bang out the solos in Megadeth with emotion not seen since the days of Marty Friedman. Combine that with the genetic link he shared with drumming Brother Shawn and you had one of the strongest and obviously Canadian influenced Megadeth line-ups in history. Than something happened…

Metal Underground.com – Glen Drover Reveals Details of Solo Album, “Metalusion”

With the release of his solo debut, “Metalusion” (due out April 5th), guitarist Glen Drover, best known for his precision and power playing with Megadeth and Eidolon, “blends the venom and attack of modern metal and the technically demanding musicianship that defines the classic jazz-rock genre.”

 ROCK CONFIDENTIAL Ex-MEGADETH GuitaristGLEN DROVER To Release ‘Ground Zero’ Single

Writing on his newly launched official Facebook page, Drover states, “In December of 2007, I made one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make in my life, which was to leave the band MEGADETH

HardRock Haven.net- Album Review Glen Drover Metalusion

Glen Drover’s return to music follows a career spent with the power metal band Eidolon, a stint with progressive metal’s King Diamond, and, most recently, he spent four years in the thrash metal band Megedeth. Leaving Megadeth in ’08 for personal reasons, Drover set into motion writing and recording what would become his first solo instrumental studio album, Metalusion. To be released in early April, Metalusion is a 10-song studio album that delves into elements of metal, jazz fusion, progressive and hard rock genres.

Metal Assault.com Phone interview with GLEN DROVER  
Glen talks about his new album “Metalusion”, the shred element on it, how the Glen Drover band came together, Al DiMeola as an influence, the album being more of a group effort rather than a solo album, the motive behind the project, the writing process, the change in his own playing, plans for 2011…

The Interview starts @ 13:07 min. 
More to come… 

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